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With our portfolio we offer to you an ideal support in all management areas. We are to be lined up in the situation individually by your demands and can offer them specific as well as comprehensive consultation.

Quality Management for your enterprise

By the rising competitive pressure the introduction and maintenance of an optimum Quality Management system also for small and small and medium-sized companies becomes more and more important. Meanwhile a certificated Quality Management system is demanded in every famous industrial branch of the market leaders as a basic condition for a customer supplier respect. Some branches as for example the automobile industry or also the aerial industry and space industry have already summarized for some years demands specific for branch into internationally valid norms.

In the more and more complicated becoming economic world with her different demands it is to be smashed just for small and small and medium-sized companies not simply the right way.

To hold here the load low, we offer to you support with the construction of a Quality Management system or take over the construction completely for you. Besides, our competence concentrates upon the branch-covering norm ISO 9001:2008 as well as the demands specific for branch of the automobile industry (ISO / TS 16949), the aerial industry and space industry (German Institute for Standardization EN in 9100) and the supplier of road system manufacturers (IRIS).

Of course we offer to you an individual offer for your situation. Simply get in touch with us.


Supply Chain management

Caused by the quick global development of the national markets to a global market platform linked up into each other innovative procurement strategies and draughts have become an important component the protection of the competitiveness. This is valid in particular for small and small and medium-sized companies, because they lack as a rule the market power on account of the low or low procurement volume. Beside the real procurement the consideration of the whole chain of delivery (Supply Chain) is also to be protected for small and small and medium-sized companies by meaning around the economic efficiency of all logistic processes and to reduce the costs.

In many enterprises the optimization of the processes is limited often only to the production, however, a substantially higher potential lies in the supporting areas mostly for the improvement. Hence, we support you in these areas by an individual consultation draught that is tuned only to your demands. To the varied possibilities of the optimization belong among other things

- Procurement strategies and digitized procurement logistics

- C parts management

- Care logistics KANBAN

- Lagerhaltungssyteme and continuance management

- Subcontract management

Of course we offer to you an individual offer conformistly on your Supply Chain. Simply get in touch with us.


Continuous Improvement / KVP / constant improvement

The continuous improvement of own expiries shows for many enterprises in the global competition a central job. Unfortunately, the necessary meaning not always becomes to this important challenge part to be competitive permanently in the world market.

This is the more astonishing, because, actually, everybody can look back big "Worldwide player" at an unprecedented successful history by the own obligation to Continuous Improvement / KVP. Examples like Toyota or Motorola point what is possible if one proves only consequence and perseverance. Both companies have created the about-turn shortly before the insolvency and today are market leaders.

So that you do not get only at all in an existence-threatening situation, we offer to you on this subject detailed seminars and Workshops and prove "Hands on" and „Bias for action“ with the direct conversion in your enterprise. We support them actively with the presentation of subject-related Lean events, Kaizen events or Six Sigma to projects. In addition, we introduce together with our customers identification number systems and Scorecards to the current successful control.

Our tool set for the optimization of your expiries contains varied methods as for example

- LEAN Production (slender production)

- 5S and Point of Use (work place organization)

- Linkage and Flow (concatenation of processes)

- Cycle time and Tact time (processing time and cycle time)

- Poka Yoke (mistake avoidance)

- MSA (measuring systems analysis)

- Six Sigma & SPC (statistical process control)

Already in the shortest time your investments have calculated themselves as can be proved. Simply get in touch with us.



We carry out audits by Quality Management standards for you. Through this you receive a competent support and can concentrate thus upon your core processes.

Internal audits after ISO 9001, ISO / TS 16949 or DIN EN 9100 and IRIS.

If you have a Quality Management system, it is to be carried out your job audits at regular intervals. However, moreover the time is often absent in the day business or you your expiries know so well and have "got used" to your expiries, so that you find no potentials. At this point it is to be let carry out for you sensibly audits by us. We bring you innovative ideas and new perceptions in your processes.

Supplier's audits after ISO 9001, ISO / TS 16949 or DIN EN 9100 and IRIS.

To optimize your procurement management, it is to be checked sensibly the processes and expiries of your suppliers for fulfillment of your high-class standards. Hence, these are inevitably supplier's audits at regular intervals durchzuführen to develop thus your suppliers strategically. On this occasion, we support you and carry out supplier's audits for you.

Accompany of certification and re-certification audits after ISO 9001, ISO / TS 16949 or DIN EN 9100 and IRIS.

Their Quality Management system is checked once a year by an independent Zertifizierer. To master these certification or supervision audits without difficulties, we carry out with you a pre-audit and accompany the next certification, supervision and re certification audit.

If you have other questions or are interested directly in cooperation, simply get in touch with us.


Seminars and Workshops

We offer you individual trainings to the most important management systems of the today's time. Whether international norms or modern production systems, we bring your employees on the topical state.

We carry out our seminars and Workshops as In-house trainings, however, also as independent external events. By our In-house trainings you profit from low additional costs and the Workshops are tuned with you, so that you receive an individually conformist learning event.

With our seminars and Workshops we take over for you the complete organization and realization of the seminars and Workshops. After the seminars and Workshops we are also available to you furthermore for all questions to the seminar contents to protect the desired learning success so with lasting effect.

You find our topical seminars and Workshops in our overview which you can download here.

Should you have interest in a cooperation or have questions to our seminars and Workshops, simply get in touch with us.

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